Physical Therapy

Peace of mind starts with movement.

Movement comes in all varieties: a tranquil walk, an intense gym routine, the simple ability to take a deep breath.

Whatever movement means to you, you could always rely on it to feel better.

Until recently.

But the freedom is fleeting.

When you were younger, you could always bounce back and keep moving!

But the injuries, pain, and strained motions have been adding up.

Now, your tranquil walk isn’t so tranquil anymore. A hitch interrupts every step, and your volume in the gym has dropped to near silence.

Can you imagine what a deep breath would even feel like today?

How do you fill the void?

As movement has become less and less reliable, often making you feel worse rather than better, you had to explore other options.

Drugs, pharmaceutical and otherwise, can manage your symptoms – but the side effects are often worse than the pain.

You can’t help but wonder if they’re just covering your eyes as you veer toward the black hole.

To cut – or not to cut?

When the meds don’t work, or you’ve had your fill, your doctor proposes surgery, with promises of better movement and less pain.

It seems like a good option – until you look into the serious risks and recovery time that go along with an operation.

Nevertheless, desperate times – desperate measures.

Isn’t there a better option?

At Sole Dynamics, I recognize that long-term drug use is not an effective – or appropriate – way to help you feel and move better.

And, except for some very severe or emergent cases, doctors lean too heavily on surgery, too. This leads to only partial satisfaction, the void persisting.

Instead, you call for therapy, a healing body, which starts solely from within.

Your search ends here.

Just as you can’t make an empty swimming pool functional by filling it with sand, you cannot regain your movement until you have what you actually need.

We will search for, and find, the root cause of your pains, your hiccups.

From there, we’ll dial back any exercise to the appropriate level, farther back than you now realize, and gradually rebuild a solid and sustainable foundation.

Forget moving to feel exhausted and worn out! Our work together will leave you energized and ready to move forward!

Make your most important move now!

Yes, you absolutely have a better choice – a positive choice – one that doesn’t mean giving up or settling for less.

Reach out to me today.

Let me help you put that spring back into your step and the smile back on your face. (585) 678-1567