Where is your office located?

The facility is a yellow house on the corner of Bluff Drive and Linden Avenue in East Rochester at the following address:

308 Bluff Drive East Rochester, NY 14445

There is a parking lot with ample space in the back.

Is the space handicap accessible?
Yes. Please inform me ahead of time as to any concerns or disabilities you may have. I’ll take care of everything to ensure our sessions run smoothly.
What are your hours?
I take appointments Monday through Friday from the morning through the evening.
How long is a session?
Expect each session to run for approximately an hour.
What should I wear?
Please wear clothing that allows for comfort and ease of movement. You don’t need to worry about footwear; we’ll be in socks or barefoot for the session’s duration, if possible. You are welcome to change upon arrival; I’ll provide you a private space to do so.
What is your cancellation policy?
If you need to cancel an appointment, let me know 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time. Otherwise, half of a session fee will apply except in the case of an emergency.
Do you provide physical therapy for groups or couples?
No. Every person has a unique story. Therefore, my mission is to curate a customized therapy experience for you, the individual.
Will anyone else be in the therapy space with us?
No. Our sessions are all private and one-on-one. You will receive 100% of my attention throughout the session.
I have received traditional physical therapy in the past. Will this be similar?
Most likely not. I founded Sole Dynamics on the ideal of providing whole-body-centered, educational, and intrinsically rewarding physical therapy.
How is physical therapy different at Sole Dynamics?

Traditionally, physical medicine views the body as a group of separate parts and focuses on “fixing” the injured part(s). At Sole Dynamics, I take a different approach, understanding that the body operates as a system.

Here, I do not focus solely on the injured part because that will, at best, buy you some time until another injury occurs or, at worst, perpetuate the problem.

Instead, we’ll focus on strengthening your body from the ground up to improve posture, balance, and coordination. Our work together will automatically reduce disability, pain, and risk of injury.

Do you give clients assignments to work on between sessions?

I will not prescribe any prefabricated lists full of exercises to do at home. However, if we discover a helpful experience while working together, I’ll likely suggest that you continue to explore this experience between sessions.

Your lifestyle also impacts your therapy outcomes. I’ll suggest looking into these areas, as well, if you’re not progressing the way you want.

What else should I know to maximize my experience working at Sole Dynamics?

You’ll make the most progress from therapy when you actively engage with the process. When you invest yourself fully and put in the work required to understand your body’s needs, you’ll have a high level of satisfaction after finishing.

 Those who go to therapy only because they are told they should, or those expecting a magic cure, benefit less.

What are your credentials?
I earned my doctorate in Physical Therapy, magna cum laude. Since then, I have continued my education with a wide berth of courses, including visual and vestibular therapy, human developmental patterns, neuroplasticity, primitive reflexes, and manual therapies.
Am I too far gone to benefit from physical therapy?

I don’t yet know you or your situation, but I can still answer this question with 100% confidence. No.

There is always room for improvement. Clients diagnosed with “degenerative” conditions have improved beyond what anyone expected from our sessions.

I am expecting a child and am not sure about how to guide their development. Could I benefit from a session?
Yes! Parents and caregivers can do many simple things to give their child a great growth and development-oriented environment. In truth, much of what parents commonly see today can actually hinder a child’s development.
Can my dog (or cat) have a session?

No. ­čÖü

Although I love animals, I am not certified to provide physical therapy to pets.

What if I identify with being in pain and disabled?
You certainly are not alone. This is one of the dimensions of chronic pain and disability. Part of our work together is learning to adopt a growth mindset. In other words, while you may identify that way now, you don’t necessarily have to identify that way in the future.
I have seen specialists who have told me that my problem has no solution. Should I believe them?

Yes and no.

Yes, because you’ve come to the end of the road of narrowing down your focus on the problem to find a microscopic solution and found a dead end.

No, because you can move down the road in another way, broadening your focus to see how your problem ties into the bigger system constantly at work.

Ultimately, if you’re not satisfied with your current state, please hold out hope. You have many different options available for help.

My body does not tolerate exercise well. What can I do?
I’ve worked with many others like you at Sole Dynamics. Today, we often subconsciously pair the word exercise with intensity. However, we can systematically scale back exercise to its fundamental elements. Doing this will allow you to build a strong foundation within your body while requiring minimal to no discomfort.
What does Sole Dynamics mean?


If you have sole charge or ownership of something, you are the only person in charge of it or who owns it.


  1.  the branch of mechanics concerned with the motion of bodies under the action of forces.
  2.  the forces or properties which stimulate growth, development, or change within a system or process.

I named the company Sole Dynamics Physical Therapy as an expression of a core belief that all individuals face challenges in exclusive ways and that standardized prescriptive treatments cannot account for the multifactorial etiology of these obstacles.

My mission is to serve as an educator, guiding you to learn about the layered intricacies of your ever-changing body. In my experience, no two people grow to achieve mastery in this the same way. Thus, Sole Dynamics.