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First, you were born.

And that was a little weird.

There you were – in a new body.

Its sole operator – without an instruction book.

Is “Body Operations 101” available in baby-talk?

Who taught you how to crawl, to stand-up, to walk?

Unless your parents had a Ph.D. from Body-Movement University, you figured it out on your own.

Which wasn’t exactly easy. Growth and change often aren’t.

Here’s how the basics went down…

You noticed something. You turned your eyes.

But that wasn’t enough, so you turned your eyes and head.

But that wasn’t enough, so you turned your eyes and head and shoulders.

But that wasn’t enough, so you turned your eyes and head and shoulders and hips.

All that for a measly roll-over?! Time for a nap.

The learning began there, but…

… did you get everything you needed? Did your body learn how to move with integrity?

In the rush to kindergarten and formal education, crucial somatic learning gets missed.

The lessons of “Body Operations 101” get buried, collecting dust.

Until it all catches up with you years later.

The pain is there – an unwanted memento from a failure long ago.

“Getting old” did not occur all at once. Those injuries have been adding up. More and more, you have been compensating, managing to keep going. But moving around isn’t like it used to be. And you are worried about the times ahead.

With a new child on the way, you are nervous about their development. Unsure of what it will take to help guide your baby through the movement challenges of infancy and childhood, fear leads to protection. But everybody knows the child will have to stand on their own two feet someday.

It feels like you are losing your athleticism prematurely. With the injuries stacking up, Advil and ice are not cutting it to be competition-ready. Competing at a high level has always been a place where your mind thrives, but now the body is not so willing.

Inverted Aging

What age was it?
When you officially became old
And why did they say
That those years are gold

Was it at age 30?
Leaving youth with a bow
And what would you give
To feel “like 30” now

Or is it age 50?
With the wisdom to care
But now your past vigor
Exists only in prayer

Now are you getting younger?
We both know you’re not
And it’s more than disappointing
To have missed that one shot

But, now, behold
As we break the mold
To reject what we’ve been told
About getting old

I feel decades younger!
That’s what you will say
With a strong, capable body
And a head clear as day

Your next phase is waiting
Jumping off that worn-out ride
You’re 100 years old!?
Stepping toward the future in stride

Tomorrow’s Men and Women

To those expecting children
How much do you know?
About what to do
To help them grow

Because this age of information
Has got a lot wrong
And you want to be educated
So baby grows up strong

Right from the start
There are all these milestones
And if your family misses them
The future is full of groans

It’s in infancy
That we build foundations for life
And shortcutting these steps
Will fill the home with strife

But please do not fear
For we are here
And we want to help you suture
The fabric of their future

The steps are really quite simple
Once the truth is known
So, set the stage and then step back
Watch baby come into their own

Rise, Downed Athlete

Competition is the highlight
This you already know
Every time, in the fray
You go to put on a show

But it isn’t always easy
Your greatness not always showing
In those times of struggle
It feels anything but flowing

Those moments of peak performance
You remember clear as day
But when the time comes to run it back
New challenges stand in the way

Injuries and pain
Working hard through the strain
You’re not recovering in the same way
Is this “being old” here to stay?

Now it is true
That more years are behind you
But it doesn’t have to be fleeting
That joy of competing

We are here to show you
A new way of training
Learning how to perform
Without all the straining

You will use these lessons
And get through the strife
To come out on the other side
Beast athlete for life


Change is the only constant in life.

The Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, said, “Change is the only constant in life.” Looking around, this is easy to see: water flows, seasons change, calendars die… and are reborn again. While not so readily observable, could this be true in the workings of our bodies?

Any answer other than “YES” would be hard to argue. In a clockwork cycle of mitosis, the cells composing our body are completely regenerated every seven years. Like an intelligent electric circuit, our brain is constantly adapting and rewiring. Our very DNA is turned on and off over a lifespan, an epigenetic light-switch revealing what changes have already been made.

How unfortunate for all the people who have bodies changing in a direction conflicting with their interests. Even more tragic for the people who have accepted this change as inevitable, even normal.

A few will never lie down and surrender.

Is that you? Are you ready to do the work required to support yourself?

If so, you have already completed the hardest part. Now it is time.

Learn how to utilize the power of nature’s constant changes and align your body and mind on a harmonic path.

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Hi, my name is Alex.

Trained in the science of Physical Therapy, I have a passion for helping people with chronic pain, disability, and the frustrations that are a natural part of dealing with both.

Before Sole Dynamics, I was unsatisfied with traditional healthcare. Despite rigorous work, people would leave the clinic with exhausted bodies, exhausted minds, and exhausted benefits. And still the problem, the pain would nag.

Now, I have discovered the art of healing. My goal is to provide you with a unique therapy experience that will allow you to reach your goals… before re-dreaming.

I will listen to you and get to know you personally. There are answers to the questions your body is posing. Together, we can find your answers.

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