My Approach

The experience broadened my view.

If only you could have seen me after graduating physical therapy school – bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, armed with the knowledge to help people… even change the world!

It wasn’t long before I saw reality. I was throwing the whole physical therapy book at them; squat this, push that, press here, step there. Despite all the effort and words of thanks, their eyes never read fully satisfied.

It became clear that people’s struggles arose from something much more profound than I had naively believed at the outset.

Still, I have been persistent and lucky, with mentors who encouraged a broader viewpoint and a mindset in growth.

Over the years and with very much help, more and more jigsaw pieces are plugging into the big picture. Sole Dynamics is the system of solving this puzzle – a system that begins with the scattered fragments of a strained body and racing mind; then ends with the parts organized into one harmonious self.

A taste of the middle follows:

Natural Responsibility

The most fundamental part of the tallest skyscraper is underground. Still, the casual observer rarely brings this to mind.

But it is worth remembering that these giants are anchored deep in the earth while reaching for the clouds. Should it be any different for our bodies?

Discovering what we, as individuals, need at the base level to keep going and growing is the foundation for the work done in physical therapy – like with a skyscraper, ignoring these roots would surely lead to disaster.

Refining Core

It is undoubtedly a cliché at this point to emphasize the importance of “a strong core.” As a result, trunk exercises and abdominals occur in gyms across the world.

Yet, injuries and imbalances are more pervasive than ever. What does it take to get “a strong core?”

Well, the solution is much more subtle than trunk exercises and abdominals. Refinement of our senses and our body-mind is necessary to create a solid core from which to build around.

Exploring Movements

We never consider the idea that we need to move to thrive – until movement becomes restricted.

Children on the playground fall and get back up thoughtlessly, never genuinely considering what it would be like if they couldn’t get back up.

What is the point of having a body in this world if not to solve our movement problems? And the people who are the best at creating movement solutions are the ones who have explored movements in great variety.

Ultimately, a movement explorer solves a movement problem in hundreds of different ways, which is much better than having only one movement option for hundreds of other problems!

Specific Training

You have a goal you are working toward. At this point, your training diverges from generalities. You attain skill, stamina, and strength in a specific way. Currently, you are so close to the finish line! Forgo the cross-training for now and become goal-directed!


Now and here – reach your goal. Your body is strong and unflinching, and your mind is clear and calm. You are free to perform in your zone at this balanced point. Enjoy, then rest and move ever upward.