Nobody said it would be easy.

As you move through life, challenges are inevitable.

It takes a lot to face them – but not meeting them takes a lot more.

You need to be at your best, but even that can be an obstacle. Today, the arena of health and wellness is posing more and more problems for people.

Society casually accepts aging and declining as a natural pair. But why?

Who is actually happy to lose their abilities?

It’s a jungle out there.

If you’ve been searching for solutions, you probably already know how easy it is to get lost.

So much information – a deluge of advice – fanatical, guru-esque wisdom – page after page after page.

You’d have an easier time navigating the Amazon rainforest. Sorting through the posts, articles, and programs to find exactly what you need seems like a mission impossible. And the variability in the content only proves how wide-ranging individual needs actually are.

And – what if it’s not out there?

What if you never find the solution you need?

How do you expect forced prescriptions, rigid routines, or “proper” techniques will leave you feeling? Is this the way to be blissful and satisfied in your body?

Don’t expect to find your answer at Sole Dynamics.

Because it will come from within.

When we begin, we’ll slow down and take a comprehensive look.

With expanding awareness, you’ll listen more closely to the signals you’re receiving. Now, feel the ease flowing throughout your body – and realize the path you seek.

We’ll keep going, and you’ll grow confident, continuously educating yourself to know what your body is asking for when things are off and to take charge of your well-being to right the course quickly when diverted.

It’s not how you start but how you finish.

Today, reach out. Let me help you regain control of your health and well-being.

Tomorrow, ride off into the future, understanding how to balance your scale independently.

About our Doctor(s)

Dr. Rightside graduated from Nazareth College with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, carrying that dead weight, Lefty, through school. Over the years, he has developed a process of analysis to break down and put together all parts of the problem to find a committed solution. Unfortunately, he tended to be hyper-analytical to the point of inaction and did not always hear helpful cues from the outside. He’s recently learned to listen to Lefty and better the steps we need to take to find unity within our heart.

Dr. Leftside participated on the Nazareth College volleyball team for four successful years in which he dragged that slacker, Righty, to perform at a high level. He undertakes periods of high-intensity activities followed by taking time to kick back and relax. From his training, he has strengthened his will to push forward through even the most challenging problems. However, he had been blind to the not-so-distant future and unable to plan for upcoming challenges, a condition that led to exhaustion. Lately, he’s seeing Righty’s perspective and is noticing how working together is far more fun and peaceful.